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Capture Removals leads
with Yomdel Live Chat

FREE - 30 day trial

FREE - 30 day trial of Yomdel Live Chat
BAR Member Offer

Yomdel is proud to be an affiliate member of the British Association of Removals. Yomdel has been working with BAR since early 2018,
and aside from supporting BAR companies we also provide the live chat service on the BAR website.

To help all BAR members kick-start business post-lockdown, we're offering a 30 day trial of our fully managed 24/7 Live Chat completely free - no set-up fees, no contractual tie-in - see the difference on your website, and seize the opportunity of unlocked demand!

Register in the form below for a fuss free, no pressure chat with our team, to apply for this offer,
and see how we can help you grow your business fast.


Yomdel Live Chat for BAR members

Over 80% of all Removals enquiries start online, normally in a search engine, that can bring a potential customer straight to your website!
What if your website had a chat window that popped up when people visit, to answer all the questions they have, that stop them booking straight away?

What if that chat window was available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year – and every chat was handled and dealt with, in seconds, by a real human being, experienced in Removals chat.
Typically over 40% of the Live Chats we handle from removal company websites turn into high quality leads – and those leads are exclusive to you. You’re not sharing them with anybody else. They’re yours. And they’re the highest converting leads you can get.


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"We are getting far more conversions, its sticky, people stay on our site and when they stay on our site, they buy stuff from us!"
Richard Dolan, MD of Greens Removals
Greens Removal talks about how Yomdel benefited them! 

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Yomdel Mystery Shopping

In addition to live chat, Yomdel provides market-leading mystery shopping services to the removals industry, enabling you to see your brand through the eyes of your customers.

By getting every-day shoppers to engage with your employees and report back on their experience, you can make fundamental changes to the way you work and trust that your staff know how to delight your customers every time! Crucially you can also benchmark your business performance against your competitors, by including them in your mystery shopping project, providing you with a head to head comparison.

Yomdel shoppers pose as everyday customers and record their interactions with your staff using covert recording equipment. The results will highlight what you need to change in order to deliver a consistently fantastic experience that keeps your customers coming back time and again.

Unlike other providers of mystery shopping, we insist on assigning shoppers that are local to the area. This means that every interaction is guaranteed to be natural, and ensures the engagement you see is completely authentic. 


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