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We are here to support your travel business

We are all in this together. We have to be.

These are unprecedented times, and the Travel Sector simply must pull together to help each other through. Yomdel is committed to doing everything it can to support affected businesses.


Coronavirus Live Chat Support

If your business has been impacted by Coronavirus, our team is here to support you in any way we can.


At Yomdel, we have seen a surge in online activity due to a very significant and immediate shift in consumer behaviour across the board. Your customers are online like never before and want immediate answers. 


And we want to help travel businesses continue to thrive in this very uncertain time. 


We can offer a rapid-to-deploy, emergency 24/7 human-operated managed live chat service that deals with increasing inbound customer service enquiries. And importantly, continues to drive vital revenue opportunities from your website.


If you have never thought about live chat before, then click here to find out why it matters. Now more so than ever.


How Does It Work?

1) Our expert live chat team build bespoke scripts and knowledge banks for your business. You will just need to review and approve.

2) These are then integrated with ready-developed scripts and knowledge bases built from official government and health service advice on the Coronavirus. Businesses and other organisations will then follow a simple process to add their own specific information requirements.

3) Our live chat experts are trained in detail on your business, your business goals for live chat using the above scripts.

4) We design a bespoke chat box and implement code onto your website to get the service live within 48 hours. 

5) We will then handle live chat on your behalf 24/7. All additional opportunities we qualify for you will be sent over immediately for your business to follow-up on. 

Andy Soloman explains how Yomdel is helping the Travel Sector:



 What we are offering to help:

- We can be live within 48 hours, providing immediate support to your business. Your time spent getting the service live will be absolutely minimal.
- A first line of customer service support online. We will offer first point of contact resolution in most cases. Reducing the burden on your customer service teams.
- We are completely waiving set-up fees for affected business, there will be zero up front costs - a saving of £475. And we have reduced standard rates by 25%.
(Speak to us about exclusive reductions for ITT members.) ITT member live chat service
- No long term lock-ins. We are completely removing our annual commitment in this time of need.


If you'd like to know more, just complete the form on this page or get in touch via chat, and the team will be in contact immediately.

Coronavirus Live Chat enquiry form

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We are here to help.