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Yomdel Live Chat
for Estate Agents

Download 5 Reasons why every Estate Agent should be investing in Live Chat



Yomdel Live Chat allows you to be open all hours and offer an incredible digital customer experience that drives an average increase of 52.3% in online leads.

You can't be online to help your customers all the time. But Yomdel can! Specialist Estate Agency operators are dedicated to your agency are ready to answer all of your potential customers' questions, whatever the day or time.

When people are thinking about buying or selling their home, they want to talk to a real-life human being, not a chat bot. Our human operators bring understanding and empathy that A.I. simply can't offer!

This unique approach allows us to deliver unparalleled levels of additional high value opportunities for the 1,000's of agencies that use use a cross the UK.

Discover how managed live chat can supercharge your online lead generation

24/7 managed live chat is an absolute must-have for any estate agent looking to grow their business. 

Download the guide to discover how live chat can help you to:

1. Generate 52.3% more leads from your website.

2. Pre-qualify leads so you can concentrate on those that will drive the most business.

3. Get an ROI of +3,000%.

Download it now to find out more...


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