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SSA Mystery Shopping

Bespoke packages exclusive to SSA members

Yomdel in association with the SSA

The SSA UK offers a custom designed mystery shopping service, exclusively for members, through Yomdel. 
Carefully selected by the SSA, with 15 years experience in the UK, Yomdel Mystery Shopping is recommended for all UK members. 


How does Mystery Shopping work?

By getting every-day shoppers to engage with your employees and report back on their experience, you can identify improvements in the way you work, and train and empower your staff to delight your customers every time! 

Yomdel shoppers pose as everyday customers and record their interactions with your staff. Unlike other providers we always assign local shoppers. This makes every interaction a natural and authentic customer experience. 

After completion, you receive a detailed report containing performance scores and actionable insights, highlighting what you need to change in order to deliver a consistently fantastic customer experience.

This can become a key component of your staff training and development, yielding positive results through improved sales conversion, customer satisfaction and repeat revenue growth.

You can also benchmark your business performance against your competitors, by including them in your mystery shopping project, providing you with a head to head comparison, and the opportunity to stay ahead.

Why use SSA Mystery Shopping?

  1. Generate essential insight into your customer's experience

  2. Understand your sales processes & staff performance up to the point of sale, via online, phone & face to face enquiries

  3. Use custom designed shopper scenarios specific to self storage

  4. Compare your prices and services directly with your competitors
  5. Take advantage of discounted package rates,
    EXCLUSIVE to SSA members.

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What are the next steps...?

Click here to read our detailed pricing and information sheet

Read in full how our mystery shopping works, what packages are available to you, and of course see your preferential SSA rates.

If you like the look of our services, then just complete the form on this page, to go through to our online ordering process:

  1. Review and sign online Service Agreement & Order Form.
  2. Set-up GoCardless payment facility.
  3. Wait for the team to conduct and deliver your mystery shops!

It's a quick and simple, online process, but should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Yomdel on 01403 230650,
or email clientservices@yomdel.com



Register here to follow our online order process:


For any queries, or further information on any of the above, don't hesitate to contact Yomdel on 01403 230650,
or email clientservices@yomdel.com