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Lead Qualification with Live Chat for Estate Agents




In this video Simon Taylor shares the lessons that leads generated on your own website via Live Chat teach us for qualifying leads more efficiently and effectively.

Sorting the wheat from the chaff, in EVERY lead that you generate, without tying up your key staff, will grow your conversion, revenue and ultimately your agency.


Simon Taylor - Yomdel

As part of my examination of lead qualification by Estate Agents, one focus has been on leads generated within your own website.

These should be the strongest leads you can get, short of a walk into your branch. Not all of them of course, but that’s the point we’re considering.

We start with the principle, that anyone wanting to do business with you, will undoubtedly at some point visit your website. So we must treat everyone based upon that principle, and look to qualify them as early, quickly and accurately as possible. So that we can then start looking after them, and yes, prioritising them over people who are less interested right now.

Well, one instantaneous opportunity to qualify a visitor lies with Live Chat on your website. If you have Live Chat on your website, then immediately your more interested visitors are more likely to use it than any other visitors. Fundamentally because they already have a desired objective in mind when they visit your site, and you’ve just offered them an easier way to get there.

Yet still many agents leave Live Chat off their site, or are tempted to use cheaper bot driven alternatives. So let me offer a quick list of 10 USPs of Live Chat:

  1. Live Chat offers instant availability for a customer to interact with a live representative of your company at any time. Nowadays, that is perfection for a customer who is there with intent.

  2. Live Chat Operators are trained sector specialists, with extensive experience on Estate Agent websites, and highly familiar with customer requirements and expectations

  3. They are also experts in how consumers use Live Chat, so their service is natural, intuitive and gets to the customer need fast.

  4. Customers do not expect to complete their entire journey there and then on the Live Chat. They just want to be helped, and move forward to a next step. They want confidence that your agency is now working for them. And that is what secures your best leads in the moment, rather than allowing them to drift away elsewhere.

  5. A bot works well where there is a linear conversation, with one pre-stated objective or outcome. Customer experience will be undermined if you try to handle all conversations with a bot, and you are not able to transfer mid-flow to a live operator. For now, Live Chat operators remain the very best service that you can offer. Anything else is invariably a cost based compromise.

  6. Live Chat is provided 24/7/365. A cost-effective service that your business could simply never entertain providing itself, evenings, weekends, holidays – when half of your visitors are on your website.

  7. Live Chat delivers the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and is now the No.1 preferred contact channel from your website, because customers get a faster response than from any other channel.

  8. Live Chat Operators can proactively nurture a visitor in conversation, asking qualifying questions which both assess the opportunity, whilst also assisting the customer at the same time. That’s the killer app – qualification, there and then.

  9. By the time your team get the lead, Live Chat has reduced the inbound white noise your teams have to deal with, by filtering first enquiries, and qualifying levels of interest.

  10. Consequently Live Chat improves conversion rates of your website visitors and delivers you high value leads, and overall actually reduces your cost per lead.

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