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FREE access to 24/7 fully-managed live chat services to transform and grow your business!

A strategic partnership between The Guild of Property Professionals and Yomdel, offers 24/7 fully managed Live Chat to Guild members FREE.
This is available exclusively to Guild members and is helping to transform Guild member's online lead generation.

Join other Guild Members already experiencing:

  • Hundreds of new sales valuations captured for Guild members
  • Thousands of chats round the clock with Guild member customers online
  • Exceptional customer satisfaction of 96%
  • 38% of successful valuations are resulting in new sales listings
  • Yomdel Guild Plus referrals now generating 'SOLD' revenue for members

Adams Estate Agents Case Study

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What is Yomdel Guild Plus?

Yomdel has created an exclusive opportunity for Guild members to access our award-winning, 24/7 fully-managed live chat services for free. 

If you're a Guild Member, you can sign up for this service free of charge (that's waiving the sign-up fee and the cost-per-chat that other users encounter) and we'll provide live chat operators on your designated website together with the live chat software. Yomdel will cover all areas of on-boarding for you and typically you'll be live within a few days of signing up.

If you'd like to know more about the service or sign-up process, please complete the form on this page. Once submitted, you'll be able to download our full service agreement, and if you're happy, you can sign straight away. You can then have this FREE service live in a matter of days! This service agreement works in conjunction with the Yomdel terms of service which you can access by clicking here.